Saturday, November 1

day 11655: so very, very, very tired

I’m burnt out. There. I’ve said it. Between the evil monkeyco, the cakes-that-fall-over, krazy gluing things to myself, Monday night sports league, Tuesday night bowling and the new schmutt, I’m stretched thin to the point of snapping.

My stress level is sky-high and there’s not that much I can do about it. I’ve tried pulling back from my stressors and walking away, but people won’t leave me alone. I’m tired… very tired… and very, very cranky. The only thing I’m really capable of doing is locking my doors, pulling my curtains shut and hiding away from the world.

I’m trying to learn how to say no. So step one… to all those out there who want a favour. No. Step two… to all those out there who want something free… No. Step three… to all those out there who want a bit of my time. No. Step four… to all those who want anything wedding related… hell no… I’m done for the year – come find me next year… maybe.

I’m off to hibernate. Grrr.


teahouse said...

Hey, definitely sounds like burnout!

Learning how to say no is a definitely good first step. But after that, there's getting exercise, good sleep and compartmentalizing!! Can you take a long weekend?

DragonX said...

or take 3 months off!