Thursday, November 27

day11681b: revelation on why I repeated told my sister I hated her on day 11679

schmassion: I’m in love!!
bowlergirl: what colour is he?
schmassion: um… pink, I suppose … ???
bowlergirl: the last time you msg’d me that you were in love, it was with a dog! I can’t keep it straight anymore!
schmassion: Oh yeah. This time he’s human.

Really… why do I get the world’s crappiest tenant while Sista gets the world’s hottest tenant? Life isn’t just isn’t fair!


Woe said...

I know you're in love when you've stopped spelling properly. Please, don't turn into one of your rejected speed dates. :P

schmassion said...

ha! too much and yes... my head is in the clouds...

talk about double standards.

Karen said...

Wow, I'm really impressed by your googling abilities :)