Tuesday, December 16

day 11700: toe-may-toe... toe-mah-toe... poe-tay-toe... poe-tah-toe

Last night I dreamt that I was exiled to space as part of a corrupt government scam. Rose Petal calls me a freak. I prefer to say that I have an overactive dream imagination.

Now if only I could harness my powers for good instead of evil...


Rose Petal said...

Now that I think about it, maybe you're just dreaming about what's really happening. And the rest of us are living in oblivion to the corrupt government scam. You could be Scully. (Well...maybe more Mulder. :P)

Rose Petal said...

I'm bored. I need you to blog again so I can be entertained for 10 seconds.

smartie said...

hi dude. i found a receipt with your blog address on it. remember that afternoon?

weird how i had it in my wallet for 5 months then just found it a few weeks ago. just check here sometimes to just check here sometimes.

i'm still around, but quiet. dad's going to die soon - maybe. i'll reappear in january - maybe. an angel is by my side through it all, but is sleeping on the couch right now.

why did you take off the dodgeball comment?