Monday, January 19

day 11734: irony, thoust be my dog's name

Whiskey, aka THE BRAT, is a ball of constant energy. She is cute, she is hyper... she is the typical lab and chews everything under the sun - including the electrical cords. Marley is nothing next to the dog who electrocuted herself and woke up the next morning to try to do it all over again. You'd think she'd learn.

She doesn't. Not really.

She shreds papers, jumps up onto the counter, hides under the bed and eats my booger-filled tissues from the toilet. She likes to put her toys on the counter or the table just to watch them fall off and then runs happily after anything and everything that catches her eye... including the baggie of pot she found buried deep under the snow in front of my building.

She's talented, this one. Definitely a lot more talented than the other one.

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Rose Petal said...

I think I'm afraid of Whiskey. Dogs can smell fear. She knows she intimidates me.