Tuesday, October 6

day11994.5: where are all the cool guys in this city

I cannot believe that I'm talking to a guy who considers himself a foodie but counts Memories of Japan amongst his top three favourite Japanese restaurants. I never considered myself a food snob but c'mon...crappy tapanyaki? Really?
I give up. I'm joining a nunnery.


teahouse said...

Hahahaha. I'm definitely a snob when it comes to Japanese food. Life is too short to eat the crap!

Rose Petal said...

Apparently all the blogging you didn't do over the summer just came in the last month. Can't believe I missed all those posts.

Teppancrappy? Why would you WANT a second date with any of those guys?

schmassion said...

who said anything about a first date? i'm screening calls.

Renée said...

The word foodie is overused nowadays. Everyone and his unce's dog is a foodie. The first telltale sign to run away is when someone tells you they're a foodie. :P