Tuesday, November 10

day12029: the skinny on being single

Most days the freedom and the lack of responsibility to another person is wonderful and a heck of a lot of fun. But then you realize that it makes you slightly uneasy that everyone else around you is married and popping out babies faster than bunnies in springtime and then you start to wonder (for the briefest of moments) if the matter really is you and not the boys you've gone out with.


Renée said...

When you're single, you can have all the uni you want, all to yourself. And if you're pregnant, you'd have to avoid raw fish for a while. Think about it... unlimited uni... ;P

Rose Petal said...

It's definitely not you. It's the boys. When you meet the right one, you'll know. In the meantime, good thing you have lots of great single girlfriends to have sushi and sake with! :)