Thursday, October 7

it's october. in 2 weeks, i head out to one of the craziest things that will ever happen to me in my life. already offshoots are starting to happen and i'm not prepared for this. i'm just a simple girl with simple desires who likes simple things.

adios reality.


DragonX said...

i'm intrigued. are you eloping?

schmassion said...

Ha! Nothing like that... I just have to go be famous. :p

Anonymous said...

yeah it would be great to be famous a little while but only in a fab dress with lovely man being papped occassionaly
what i would not like is my torment being pulled apart in the media. i hate gossip i hate a town that spreads gossip
i am a simple girl with simple need
just a hug in the morning and an office job for a celeb place
nursing? that would be a vocation indeed