Tuesday, November 11

Day 9839: Another day, another destiny.

I need to find a passion. Something to feel deeply about. Something to consume my energy and redirect my life. Something that makes it worthwhile to wake up in the morning. Something to rid my mind of the thoughts that constantly haunt me... the what if's and the could have beens.

I was really looking forward to working on my snowboard today. Played hookey from work this morning and went to Crappy Tire to buy some spraypaint. Somehow, I never realized that it takes a lot of time before the primer sets and when you finally paint, you still have to clearcoat it. And what are they talking about when they say that you have to sand it? There's no way I want to sand it just in case I wreck my design. So, I won't be able to finish it today afterall. I'm so disappointed, I don't even want to work on it. I think I have to recut at least 4 little rose stencils and one larger rose and have everything masked, otherwise it will take weeks before I'm done.

Triscuit suggested today that it would make a really cool side business if it works out. As if that thought hadn't crossed my mind before.

I hate coming home to an empty house. It would have been 5 months two days ago. Bah... passion... schmassion... overrated.

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