Wednesday, December 10

Day 9868: Jack Frost roasting on an open fire. Chestnuts nipping at my nose.

Christmas is almost here. Only 15 more shopping days to go. Have to get my act in gear and start thinking about things to buy for people. But why? When did Christmas become such a "me! me! me" holiday and not a "you! you! you!" holiday? Am I honestly trying to put thought into the gift simply because I know I need to buy something for someone and not just because I really want to buy that particular thing for someone because I want to? Does that make sense - in a convoluted way maybe.

Generic gifts suck. If I don't know a person well enough to pick out a gift that they'll actually like, then what's the point? Might as well get them a gift certificate than sticking them with another piece of something that they don't like. I'm just giving them something that I'd like for myself, or something that I think is cool. And what I think is cool may not necessarily be so cool in other people's eyes. Take the Kris Kringle/Gift exchange game for that matter. I've got three of them this weekend, of which there will be people overlap. You always want your gift to go over well, so you really have to know your crowd. Maybe I should just buy three things that I want myself and pick those so at least I know I'll have something I like. What a good idea. It's like buying Christmas presents for yourself. That's a plan.

I have a secret. Albeit, it isn't a very good secret and many people already know my secret. But... I still have a secret. PS... ICBBQ... it's the same secret. :)

Someone's getting chocolate body paint for Christmas. I love gag gifts...! :)

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