Tuesday, January 6

Day 9895: Mixology 2004

Christmas Eve 2003 my sister and I were involved in a car accident. Nothing serious, mind you - just a little fender bender when the other driver (who happened to be my cousin) forgot to stop. The reason... well, she was laughing too hard about a "small world" story involving none other than Tuxedo Sam. Though the story itself is hilariously funny, I will not be blogging it. If you want to know - you're going to have to ask Mr. BMW, himself.

It got me thinking though. The world of accounting - especially Waterloo grads and whatnot is extremely small. It is becoming more and more difficult to keep different worlds separated. Not that I really want to since everything I organize is "the more the merrier" anyway. But some people do, and it does upset them when worlds start colliding. Actually, the world is becoming an incredibly small place whether we consider accounting, Waterloo, or not. It's easier and easier these days to play six degrees of separation with every new person I meet... in reality, sometimes, it's only two degrees. And that can be kind of scary. Especially when these people do not know about certain "details" of one's life, but they know the other "detail".

If too many people know about your past, it is much harder to build a new life for yourself if that is what you choose. Take for example my old hullabaloo with the dreaded big E&Y. Guaranteed someday, should I run for politics that will come back and bite me on my big fat old wrinkly behind... not that I will run for politics... anytime soon. Memories are never short enough, things come back to haunt you. Actions though perhaps innocent when they were committed become distorted when rehashed and recreated.

T'is a small world afterall... my worlds are colliding. Scary thought.

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