Friday, January 30

Day 9919: When is the RIGHT ...ahem... time?

At the risk of exposing myself as a prude, I have a question. Actually, it's more of an inner debate sparked by a recent lunchtime discussion that I had with some girls from work. It was about *whisper* S-E-X...

I've never had s-e-x. There. I've gone and said it. Yuppers, I am a 27 year old virgin (or at least I think I am... 27, I mean). Maybe I'm revealing too much - my age and my status - all in the same sentence. Man! What the heck am I thinking? Anyway, enough with the procrastination...

I don't think I've ever specifically been told "do not have sex until you get married." Not by my parents, not by my grandparents. Not by aunts...etc.etc. Come to think of it, the only people who even hinted at it were the teachers at the Christian school that I attended for grades 4-6, 8-9... and all they said was that it was bad for my immortal soul and that I was condemned to burn in hell for all eternity if I did "do it" before the "I do." But seeing how I'm religiously agnostic anyway, is there any reason that I should buy into that theory save for an irrational fear of something that I'm not sure I believe in anyway? Crazy isn't it, the impact that teachers have on a person. On the other hand, though, I've never bought into the "well, everyone else is doing it, so it must be okay..." phenomenon either.

Is there even that special person? Does the "one" even exist? ... is marriage just another ploy of some religious or governmental agency to curb mass orgies? Someone once told me that if guys could have multiple orgasms there would never be any wars or conflict... at least not involving men... hmmm... took me a while to understand that one... naive that I am.

Hypothetically, apart from the whole immortal soul issue, when do you know the time is right? I wouldn't want to do anything that I'd regret later (i.e. do guy still expect their wives to be virgins in this day and age?). Why is it that some people can have one night stands and some people require total emotional commitments before they do? From everything that I've read, and everything that I've been told... isn't it just supposed to feel right? Is it supposed to automatically click and then all of a sudden... sure, I'm ready...??? It's a big step. Or is it really? Does society put too much of an emphasis on sex? Perhaps. I'm so confused.

I feel like my entire life this far has been in a bubble. Sheltered from reality. Many of my friends have the same upbringing, have the same values... the same freaking jobs... :o( (damned accountants... hee hee...). I'd never met anyone before who kept track of every time, person and date until I started at this firm. To tell the truth, I'm not sure if I was horrified or bemused... ok, maybe horrified wasn't necessarily the right word, but you know what I mean. It never existed in my world before except for in movies and on television... blah...interesting though... hence the lunchtime conversation...

So...if you have, if you haven't... give a shout out, 'cuz I'd actually like to hear your views on the topic. You don't have to say who you are and you can always mail me or call me... but, it'll be interesting to find out! See yas! Wish me luck in Vegas!

Ps... GO PANTHERS!!!! Damn those uniforms look good! :o)

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