Thursday, January 29

Day 9918: Amnesia

Friday night a bunch of us went to Una Mas for Amnesia. Picture crowds of people in their late 20's, mid 30's all partying to funky retro music from the 80's and 90's. Drunken boys singing Tiffany's I think we're alone now to each other, drunken girls bopping along to Summer of 69...ahem...left sided dancing and all, it was a good time.

Songs we haven't heard in years. Songs I've never heard of. Songs I think I've heard before but can't quite place because of my childhood immersion into Classical music, thus missing out on most of the 80's...actually, come to think of it, my childhood was wayyy too sheltered - I've missed most of the 80's pop culture phenoms... and most of the 90's... and now I just don't have a clue. Buuuutttt... I like what I like and, well, it's a little too late to do something about my lost childhood.

So, I want to go again. There will be another one February 13 for Valentine's Day. (segway... never did like Valentine's Day. In elementary school, it was a popularity contest... never did get any better after that...) There will be glow necklaces - and you know how much I love glow stuff - different colours for single, attached or just not sure. Lol... too funny... who's in???

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