Tuesday, February 3

Day 9923: Self love...

"It's a good thing" ~ Martha Stewart

The key to success is self love. Take a look around. All successful people are filled with supreme self-confidence and maybe some even have little superiority complexes. Why? Because, obviously, they love themselves. Or at least they like themselves enough to believe in themselves. You won't see a successful person with self-doubt.

Sure, there are the little things that successful people worry about. After all, life isn't hunky dory for everyone. Just because you are supremely confident in one area of your life does not mean that all aspects of your life is peachy. No one can be that lucky... or that have THAT much self love.

Ok, so maybe the first step to accomplishing anything in life is to begin by liking yourself... we'll work on the love later. To start by having the confidence to say, "Hey, I AM sexy... you can't touch this..." or "Damn it, I AM smart (AND I look good)... I deserve a promotion." But of course, in all things, it only works if it's true. No used in deluding yourself. Have to actually BE the sexy girl or BE the smartie-pants. You can have all the confidence in the world, but that won't get you anywhere unless you can actually back it up. Conundrum? Damned if you do... damned if you don't kind of thing? I have to be sexy (replace with smart, if so desired) in order to believe that I am sexy/smart. I have to believe that I am sexy/smart in order to appear sexy/smart. Total utter craziness. Will the world never cease to confuse me.

aside: I don't understand the big deal surrounding Martha Stewart. So what if she was caught trading on insider information. A lot of people do. They just don't get caught. I hate it when people make a bigger stink out of something just to make an example out of it. Why should one person bear the grunt of a million people's actions. I actually like her stuff...I miss her shows. They used to put me to sleep... ok... enough with the ranting...

ps...lol... for another view on self love... read this blog (not mine... just one that I follow 'cuz it's soooo damned interesting to read about other people's lives...)

I'm a-craving the curry crab today. Wanted it for breakkie... unfortunately, Indochine wouldn't open that early just to appease my whims... WHY GOD... WHY???? Doesn't the world revolve around me???

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