Wednesday, February 11

Day 9931: Spoil me rotten

I think, if I could have anything right now, that would be for someone to spoil me. Spoil me rotten. Just for the day. Someone to make me little peanut butter and cheeze whiz crackers or little triangle peanute butter and jelly sandwiches without the icky crust, make me hot chocolate and read me comic books in bed. Just like when we were kids and we felt bummed out. Our moms would make us hot chocolate with those fake little crunchy marshmallows and bring us tray loads of goodies... and a new comic book or a new toy just because we were that cute and cuddly.

But really, I have no idea what I'm talking about, only that it seems so nice and idealistic when I read about it or when I see it on tv... you see, I don't think I've ever been spoiled - not like that. Sure, I've had my share of popcorn balls and funky strawberry milk and horlicks. But I want more... just for a day...

I want to be a princess. I want my every whim catered to...without me even knowing that it was exactly what I wanted. A long massage that leaves my toes tingling, a hot bubble bath drawn just for me, soft music playing in the background, someone to pick me up when the water gets cold, wrap a big warm towel around me and carry me back to bed where there will be more comic books, finger sandwiches, more hot chocolate and maybe a hot toddy or two, to share of course. Oh... and an ice-cream sundae after my long, long afternoon nap... Because I'm just that cute and cuddly.

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