Wednesday, February 18

Day 9938: The little itty bitty things

It's funny how we can obsess over the tiniest, seemingly insignificant details in our lives. Things that really shouldn't make much of a difference in the big scheme of things, and that we should be capable of carrying on with or without it, but it does make a difference. It really, really does. Take stubble. Not beard stubble, but leg stubble.

Leg stubble to me is one of the ultimate grossest things. I've been known to shave daily during the summer in order to avoid the ickily prickily of leg stubble. Don't know why since it doesn't really make a difference - you can't really see it, and gosh-darned it... who's going to feel it, but I obsess over it until it's gone.

The other day, as I was driving down from the boonies of Bolton to go to the climbing gym, I reached down to scratch my leg. No big deal, right... until I felt my leg and remembered that in my morning rush, I had forgotten to shave my legs. HUGE PROBLEM. CANNOT go climbing with unshaven legs. That would be wrong on soooo many levels. Can't climb, can't climb... what to do???? Ahhhhh!!!!

In desperation, THE CALL was made... to LZ...heroine of the unshaven masses:

Me: (in desperate panic voice) When are you going home?
LZ: Dunno. Have some things I need to finish up.
Me: I neeeed your help. I'm going climbing and I haven't shaved my legs...I NEED TO SHAVE... When can you get home? Do you have an extra razor?
LZ: Call Donna. She'll help you.
Me: (whisper) I can't... this is sooo embarrassing. When can you get home?
LZ: Dunno. Have to finish up some stuff. If pick me up and give me a ride, I can probably leave soon.
Me:... I'm on my way. *click*

5 minutes later...
Me: Um. Where's your office? I forgot where you work.
LZ: hee hee... I forgot. I drove today. Meet you at my place in 15.

Needless to say, the day ended well, all legs were shaved, thanks to LZ, the heroine of the unshaven masses... THANKS BABE!!!!

I'm outta here! :) ... gotta pluck my eyebrows.

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