Monday, February 23

Day 9943: Toeing the line

I had myself a little adventure this weekend. The sky was blue, the sun was shining, the non-frozen birds were probably singing somewhere, and the world was just too happy feeling to be stuck inside catching up on work. And so I didn't. Instead, I ended up driving down to the Ham to hang out with Triscuit and friends (let's call them Web and Nan). Initial plan was to go skating at some pond with some name that reminds me of Battery Park. But Web and Nan who got there first said that the ice had melted and frozen over again, but was really way too rough to skate - major bummer as I was really looking forward to my powerskating lesson so that I could learn how to skate better. And soooo, I spent a really very sunny afternoon driving around Ham, following Triscuit's car as we drove from downtown to who-knows-where, and back to Hess St. while doing a little fly-by sight seeing. Ended up grabbing a drink, grabbing din-din, and then grabbing a movie... details not important, but really, it was a very merry evening.

So, onto the topic for today - toeing the line. Not quite sure if toeing the line is the right subject heading, but somehow "please-stop-making-out-in-front-of-me-cuz-i'm-a-prude-and-i-feel-really-kinda-weirded-out-right-now" doesn't feel like an appropriate title either. But, I think I made my point. Really, I'm exaggerating. Web and Nan were only a tad demonstrative. And yup, Ms. Prude here, wasn't comfortable watching it, tried to keep my distance and yeah, averted my eyes a couple of times. Ummm... public displays of affection... during dinner... icky.... It's one thing to sit close to each other, and... ahem...maybe keep a hand on his/her leg or hold hands or something, but kissing because she has to leave to go potty, and playing with his hair constantly, that's a little much...for me. Dunno how Triscuit feels...maybe he's used to it. Afterall, Web's his friend. But... I admit it... I am a prude... and ok for the record, maybe I was a little itty bitty teensy weensy envious. Just a little. Dunno why.

But fact remains. Good friends, good food, and good conversation should be adequate dinner entertainment. Visual entertainment, unless it's live music or something, I can honestly do without.

On another note - if you're looking for a fun movie, go see 50 First Dates... really quite funny (except the sharks) and a decent ending. Not predictable, not really.

Oh, and I really must go grocery shopping. Having a turkey wrap for lunch today - quite delicious, really - whole wheat wrap, turkey, carrot shavings, cucumbers, mustard (no mayo), tomatoe, lettuce and black olives... yummm

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