Saturday, March 13

Day 9961: Little office politics

Can't avoid it. Office politics exists. Such is fact. You either deal with it or you move on. No amount of phone throwing or white board breaking is going to make the irritation disappear. No matter how many phones you break or how hard you hit a wall, it just doesn't happen.

Sometimes it's the big things. Change in office policy, for example, which makes the past year's work obsolete and requires months of re-programming. Or something even harsher like the CEO who doesn't watch your back and throws you to the wolves to save his own ass. And sometimes it's the little ordering lunch.

Big contentious issue during busy season at is the daily ordering of dinners and the Saturday lunches. It's not a hard process. Could be, but shouldn't be. Simple, really - just post a piece of paper on the wall indicating today's delivery person of choice and 3 menu options and have people check off what they want to eat. No check, no eat. Simple. Easy. Or so you'd think.

Instead, it turned into an all out war last year between the support staff and a couple of the bp staff. Every night someone would come around asking if you wanted to order dinner. Every night, inevitably, someone would ask what was for dinner. Only natural seeing as how if you don't feel like eating what they're ordering, you shouldn't have to commit. And the order-taker would have a fit over being asked 20 times what's for dinner. Silly.

So it's turned into a dictatorship. Today's lunch was Memories of Japan terayaki chicken. No choices, no options, nothing save eat or starve. My choice - I was starving, so I chose to eat.

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