Wednesday, March 17

Day 9965 1/2: the girlie-girl side of me...

I had lunch with my mom today. She asked me what was new in my life and I told her about onsighting the 5.10a. Which, as you can probably guess, launched her into the climbing-is-a-man-sport-and-you're-so-unladylike speech. And of course, being who I am and still insecure about the "new" me, I've spent the afternoon agonizing over my supposed unfeminine side and trying to figure out if I was really as unladylike as she says I am... hence endless streams of email to Triscuit and Lawrence, and this...

Things I do that are so girlie-girl that I *blush* whenever I admit to doing them:

1. I drink tea and coffee with my pinkie sticking out except when the mug is too heavy, then I have to use both hands
2. I love to cook, and I do it quite well
3. I actually love the colour pink and when I see roses in the perfect shade, I can't resist buying myself 2 dozen of them
4. I can eat curry crab daintily with only my thumbs and the first two fingers on each hand and NEVER make a mess
5. I love pedicures... my toenails are always painted. Just the other day, I turned the house upside down because I couldn't find the perfect shade of red and had to settle for silver. (Note to self... must go to MAC and buy new bottle of red...)
6. I used to love manicures and had perfect long nails... until I started dragonboating and climbing and figured out that it wasn't worth it
7. I shave my legs every day. I tweeze and/or pluck at least every other day
8. I would be an interior decorator if I had the patience, time and money to finish all the courses and start a new career...
9. When I used to spend all my money at Chapters, it was on books with covers that you had to hide from your "boy" roommates...except from ICBBQ who refuses to admit to borrowing them, but we all know he did... and ewww... get you mind out of the gutter... only clean, wholesome Harlequins... no smut... it's all about the stories, folks...
10. I actually love going to the ballet. My all-time favourite is Giselle
11. I only just learned the basic rules of football this year
12. I only just learned the basic rules of hockey two years ago
13. I like wearing my "sexy" underwear even though I know no one's gonna see it
14. I still expect a guy to hold a door open for me, but I love it whenever he opens and closes the car door for me.
15. I still scream whenever I have to kill a spider... at least I don't cry anymore
16. I still cry whenever I have to kill an earwig *shudder*
17. I'll never be able to kill a cockroach... thank goodness I've never seen one in real life running around
18. All sorrows and sadness are cured by a litre of Hagen Daaz... the chocolatier, the fattier, the better...
19. I can never finish a small burrito even though I swear I try really hard every time. I only finished a quarter of one on Monday and the guy felt so bad that he refused to charge me for it :(
20. I sleep with a pink teddy bear
21. I *blush* and giggle whenever someone gives me a compliment about how I look
22. I've lusted after a pair of sandals before and went back to the store every week to look at them until they went on sale...and then I bought them
23. It took me three months and 4 mis-purchases to find the absolutely perfect shade of pink nail polish... I think I called my sister from the store to tell her
24. I cry at the movies... I cry during commercials... I cry at weddings
25. I like attention... lots of it :)

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