Wednesday, March 31

Day 9981: The secret desires of Mr. BMW...

If he could be anything in the world for one day, Mr. BMW would be.......... (hee hee... first one to guess wins a prize!!!)

Actually, today's blog topic is on guilt trips...

A long discussion the other day with one of my friends on the Asian phenomenon known as guilt tripping. It is a fantastic motivation tool. It often leads to the accomplishment of great things - a boring stable job in a good but boring stable company, a desire to work hard to support non-existent future family, overwhelming sense of responsibility, and the stiffling of all creativity... not to mention total utter depression when said guilt trippee turns middle age.

Guilt tripper motivation? Parents want what's best for their children. Or what they think is best for the child, and hence will nag and rage until what they want is attained - irregardless of whether or not that is what the child wants. Simple as that.

Guilt trippee allowing it to happen? Years and years of daily repression leading to a lack of desire to overturn the boat. Sometimes it's easier to go with the flow than to stir up the waters.

So, I have been guilted... not by the parental units... surprise, surprise, but by someone else. It lead to me committing to something that I don't really want to do, but volunteered to for the simple fact that I felt badly about something and wanted to help out my fellow mankind. So, because, apparently, my timing is inconsistent and I have commitment phobia, they don't want me. And thus, I have become a recruiter for someone to replace me in the thing that I committed to. Which is good for me, but bad for them, because I really was willing to put in a few days a week of my free time to lend a hand. Too bad, I never know which days are good and which ones are not...

End result... anyone know of a pharmacy student looking for part time work in the GTA area? Give me a buzz. Much appreciated.

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