Wednesday, March 31

Day 9981 1/2: Irony

After months of avoiding eye-contact with the restauranteurs while walking by Roasty Jacks, I decided that today was the day that I would try it... for the very first time. Thoughts of freshly roasted turkey, mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce danced through my head. After all, it's not very often I get freshly roasted turkey - Christmas for sure, and if I'm super lucky, Thanksgiving. I got there, all ready to fork over fistfuls of hard earned dollars, when it hit me. I couldn't find it. In it's place, a boarded up and posterboarded partition. If memory serves me right, and it probably doesn't, it said Starbucks coming to a mall near you. There's a Starbucks a hop, skip and a jump away - literally 50 ft away... if even that. So I ended up getting Sushi-Q instead and stopped by Mrs. Fields for two dozen mini cookies to treat the girls and boys at work. It made it through reception fine, small casualty, and then total bombardment by the two kids next door. End count - boys ALL, bullpen... NONE...

They rock.

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