Friday, April 23

Day 10003: Playing it by ear

Ok. I'm spilling the beans. Triscuit and I are going on our first vacation together. By ourselves - this meaning that we have many times, gone away for weekends with the group (i.e. groups of say, 20+), but never just the two of us. In T minus 7 days, we'll be in the airport, filling in our silly little green US customs forms heading for the sunny surf and sand of San Diego, California. I can't wait.

Seven whole days of Triscuit to myself. No hiding, no running away, no pretending that "us" does not exist, with only a slight overlap with Posie, LZ, JC and Larry in Vegas. Wow... that has never happened before. I wonder how well I'll deal with it.

I am a planner. I am not spontaneous. Thus, Triscuit's idea of a play-it-by-ear vacation is slightly stressing me out. We don't have a car reservation. We don't have any real plans. Just a sketchy outline that I've created of the the places I want to see, and a commitment to be in Vegas by the 5th. Oh, and a day in Disneyland... because he's never been...

Things will be done by bus and trolley. We'll rent a car when we need one. We'll trolley to Tijuana and drink ourselves silly and somehow make it back into the US, hopefully, with a few cheap souvenirs, a couple of bottles of the twisty glass Coronas and, even more hopefully, without criminal records. We'll surf the sands of La Jolla, mix with the locals, gorge ourselves silly on Mexican food and margaritas, and drive the 5 hours to Vegas where we'll party the night away and spend a day outlet mall shopping. Life can't get any better than that.

Our first vacation together... this could be fun... a whole new experience...

Oy. I'm scared.

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