Thursday, April 15

Day 9995: I Quit

I quit my job today. It wasn't quite what I expected. Tears maybe. A little more "BUT WHY!!!" instead of "Well, we kind of expected it. Good Luck. If you ever change your mind, call us."

Very anticlimatic to something that I've been dreading for a while now. My heart was pounding, my insides were twisting around. I felt like throwing up... t'was not a pretty sight.

I've gone and told some people. Haven't really mentioned it to others. Figured really that people will hear about it through the grapevine. Don't know what is the politically correct thing to do. It's gone through all the partners already - no one has really come up to me and said anything. Must admit, I kind of expected that.

I had expected tears. Must admit that I am sad to go. But I think the worse of it will be April 30th when I actually do go. It's hard to say.

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