Friday, April 16

Day 9996: Wonderings...

...why the heck would anyone build a career out of being a bad singer... that's just embarassing... William Hung...? did Kwame make it that far in the Apprentice? And how do I get on that show? (But the Donald creeps me out...) much vodka do you put in jello shooters?
...what's with non-commital people?
...does the rest of the world think I need a lot of attention...or is it just me? the San Diego Zoo THAT special? I'd rather go to the beach.
...what does my grandmother want and why does she keep calling me?
...should I call SUG and see what he's up to these days? Haven't talked to him in, what, almost 5 months now. I ever going find out where that stupid bond interest number comes from? Dammit... that I've given notice, do I have to work weekends...? I have to "do work"? long does it take for an e-ticket to be issued? I snarky?

hmmmm... I wonder...

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