Friday, May 21

Day 10031: May Two-Four...

It's the May two-four weekend and I have no plans... I'm not entirely sure if that's a bad thing or a good thing. I'm exhausted, and yet, it's the first long weekend I've had since I can't remember when, so I want to savour it, and eek it out to it's fullest potential. Which means party, party, party... or something to that effect. But major BOO, the boy needs to stay in Ham this weekend to take care of the beach-house-buying details and run other "important" errands. (note: what's more important than me, might I ask...)

So, lineup for the weekend...

Friday night - no flipping clue (wow, a Friday without plans... what's next? sobriety?)
Saturday - no flipping clue
Saturday night - cake at Paul's
Sunday - recovering from cake at Paul's
Monday - no flipping clue...

I need a life.


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