Thursday, June 3

Day 10044: Downtown... part 2

...crowded subway, standing near the door, one guy's elbow already in my face. Door opens, guy squeezes in. Door shuts. Guy is pretty much pressed up against my back. I inch forward, to give him more space... subway lurches, guy's still pressed up against me. I guess he needs more space. I inch forward as much as I can - woman next to me is only four inches from my face.

... next stop people shift. I dodge the door people and head towards the middle of the car - he follows. People start streaming in. Everyone is packed in like a good dim sum restaurant on a saturday morning. This time, I end up in an even more precarious situation - I'm forced to semi lean over the woman sitting in front of me, my arm is braced against the pole so that everytime the train stops or start, I end up pushing against the pole to stay up. The guy next to me - I've already stepped on him twice. the woman in front of me is glaring at me because I keep hitting her newspaper with my book. and still I feel the guy pressed up against me.

Sure. It's a crowded subway, things like this happen. I try to shift my bag so it's between us. Every time I shift, he apologizes. No big deal, I guess... it's rush hour, it happens. I step forward so that my foot is even between the feet of the guy next to me. I've tried everything. Then it happened... the guy touched my bum. The first time, I tried to move away again and he apologized. No biggie - just an accident right? Lurch of the subway, lost his balance - these things happen. It keeps happening. We're so close now, I can't even turn around and glare at him. A couple more stops come and go - people cram in some more... no one gets off... the guy presses up against me even more - I'm already off balance... there's no where to go... he's not even making any effort to hide it now - full cuppage... just short of grabbing... I can't go anywhere... my mind is blank, don't know what to say...

... next stop Bloor - tons of people start streaming by - I practically run to the other end of the train - thank god he didn't follow.

I HATE the subway.

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