Tuesday, August 17

Day 10120: No way, Jose...

A: Just toss all the stuff you haven't touched in four months. You don't need it.
J: Nuh-uh, emotional attachments...
A: Then just put it aside and go through it later.
J: Nope... gonna do it now
J: Don't care.
A: Pack rat.
J: Look who's talking

Boxes of treasures from each stage of my life - things I can never part with and will never bring myself around to throw out...

*drum roll please...*

~ wooden cork gun with the chipped and faded red paint and the little cork that doesn't really pop anymore
~ little red fire engine with a crusty yellow plastic ladder... *sigh* firemen
~ 1 Disney Dollar (not as crisp as it used to be)
~ plastic red Santa's boot piggy bank filled to the brim with pennies... there must be a billion dollars in there $$$$
~ ragedy and torn Spiderman comic books - did I ever SAY that I was girlie-girl???
~ a pink rosary from my baptism - I always thought it was the prettiest thing I've ever seen (just to look at, wouldn't know what to do with it otherwise...)
~ my dad's rosary from when he was a but a kiddie
~ a korean mini mask my dad gave me once upon a time

~ um... oodles and oodles of pix of my movie star crush. Did you know that they make playing cards too? :D
~ half-filled sketch book after half-filled sketch book
~ my 365 driver's learner permit
~ my driving test results
~ a poem I wrote in OAC about a guy who's wife cheats on him
~ complete set of Upper Deck Blue Jays baseball cards from 1991 - or so the guy claimed when he sold it to me for $5
~ pictures of people I went to high school with, but I haven't talked to in 10 years

~ first kick ass rubber duckies race id pass
~ a little bottle of sand from happy place #1
~ little white clam shell from Del Mar
~ rock from happy place #3
~ many rocks from happy place #3
~ many rocks from Del Mar
~ dried up purple orchid from V-day
~ more quarter-filled sketch books
~ winnie-the-pooh
~ funky black stone letter opener that Sista bought on some trip once upon a time
~ Sponge Bob Squarepants poster

... and they wonder why it takes me so long to pack... *sigh* I need a drink.

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