Friday, August 27

Day 10130: 1-800-GO-IHAUL

Whelp, it's finally here. I get the keys to my new bachelorette pad today. In just a millimeter shy of five minutes I'll depart here a transient, semi-homeless, moocher off the parents and become *ta-da* new super-self sufficient ME! (apart from all the leaning, moaning, groaning, and reliance that I put on my nearest and dearest)... but before I make my transformation...

[la-dee-da... on hold, on hold, on hold...]
R: Thank you for calling Ihaul. My name is Roseline, how can I help you today?
J: Yes, I'd like to rent a truck please.
R: For when, ma'am
J: Tomorrow
R: Can I take your information down *giggle*
J: Hang on, I've got another call... Hello J speaking... can I call you back in a second. Crap. I've lost her.

[I call hold, on hold, on hold...]
J: I need a truck
D: For when? {dude has Southern accent}
J: Tomorrow.
D: Ok, they're on standby. Which means that they'll call you the day of. If you book it Friday, they'll call you within twenty four hours of your booking time.
J: So, you mean they might call me Saturday...? But I need it FRIDAY!! {WTF???}
D: Yes ma'am. But they might call you Friday too...
J: I need to load the truck tomorrow night. My elevator is booked for Saturday morning.
D: You have an elevator? In your building?
J: Yes, my elevator is booked for Saturday morning...
D: You have an elevator in your building?!!
J: Yes...
D: Wow... and you booked it for your move? I've never heard of that before...REALLY??? Why don't you book the truck for Thursday, that way, you'll have it Friday...
J: Um... today is Thursday... {and I freaking don't want to pay for 2 days, k, dude?}
D: Really? Wow... I have an exam on Friday.
J: Good luck... {you're going to NEED it buddy}

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