Monday, August 30

Day 10133: Nostalgia...

Last night, I went back to the townhouse for things I had missed during the Saturday morning moving rush. As I walked around the semi-empty rooms, thoughts of the good times, the laughs, and the years of fun echoed through my head.

I sprawled one last time across the bed where I've dreamt for the past four years, where I've planned my life, and where I... um... had some of the strangest telephone conversations of my life. I gazed fondly at the dining room table - the table that held 75 individually handpainted flowerpots that we used for my mom's bonbonierres, the table where we... um... and the custom made chairs that I put a big scratch in the first day we brought them home.

But somehow, it wasn't the same. The house sounded different. It smelled different. It didn't seem quite like home anymore.

As I walked out to the car, laden with garbage cans and bathroom mats, I thought to myself "Oh no, this is the last time, I'll ever walk down this hallway..." My heart did this little funny, sad flip almost like it was breaking... I had to pause for a second so that I ease the lump in my throat. I get to the car eyes brimming with unshed tears and... damn... forgot something.

Go back in.

As I walk out to the car again, carrying that one last piece of shelving, I think to myself, "Oh no, this is the last time, I'll ever walk down this hallway..." My heart does the little funny, sad flip again... I pause to catch my breath...

I get to the car... "Damn... forgot something..."

Repeat three times.

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