Thursday, September 2

Day 10136: That's NOT my job... aka photocopy it yourself, I'm not your secretary...

I've always hated people who go around saying, "That's not my job." You might plead and beg for the tiniest scrap of assistance, but they turn a blind eye to your plight and force you to go to the utmost extremes whereby had they even thought about lending a hand, it would have taken them all about 30 seconds and they would have earned eternal gratitude.

Hence, I have never said that to anyone. I lend an ear, a hand, a shoulder - I will and do often go out of my way to help...

Even if I dislike someone...

... like I-think-I'm-God-I'm-so-wonderful, high and mighty Lawyer-Dude...

... but sometimes, there's extenuating circumstances...

"Hey, can you give me a hand with the new photocopier? I keep pressing the button, and all I get is a blank page..." he yells across the office.

I get up, walk over, press the button. Sure enough, it's printing blank pages. I open the lid, look at his documents, move them over to the other side of the copier, press the button, and presto... non-blank pages come spewing out... whooo hooo... score one for technology and big-fat zero for Lawyer-Dude

Later on in the day... my phone buzzes.

"Hey, remember that analysis you were doing for Company ABC. Do you have invoice XYZ and invoice HJI from X date to X date?"

"Sure, I have the files on my desk. Do you just want to pick them up and look at them?" I'm typing away furiously. Completely swamped - just tell me what you want.

"No, I'd like copies please."

"Sure, no problem - drop by anytime. The files are at the corner of my desk."


"Can you make the copies for me?" Sigh.

"Not if you need them this week."

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