Thursday, September 9

Day 10143: Betrayed by my unconscious self

Just when I think I'm almost fully recovered and that my heart has stopped skipping a beat every time I see Triscuit's name, my unconscious self decides to betray me and rewind all my hard-earned closure...

Last night, I dreamt that I had Triscuit's baby.

No, I was not happy about it.

No, I did not tell him about it. He did not know that I was having his offspring.

My mother and my grandmothers, on the other hand, were estatic. Surprise. Surprise. So ecstatically happy, in fact, that they threw me a rooftop party WHILE I was giving birth.

Lucky for me, the baby just seemed to pop right out and I didn't dream about the pain of childbirth - thank God for that one!

It was a girl... rather skinny and gangly (all arms and legs), but really kind of cute. I couldn't decide what to name her...

And then I woke up, and in my half wake-half asleep grogginess, I came up with the perfect name... Sapphire Joelle...

How amazingly fucktacularly ironic. Ouch.

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