Friday, September 10

Day 10144: the importance of being me

I have an inferiority complex. The reasons why, it doesn't really matter.'s a little bit funny, the feelings inside...

I'm not pretty enough, skinny enough, smart enough, cool enough, fun enough, sexy enough... it doesn't matter... I'm just not enough.

So I'm going to fix it. Started Monday night.

I'm going to become the skinny-minny, the smarty-pants, the cool chick, the girlie-girl... I'm going to find new hobbies, new projects, new cool and wonderful things to do. Like scuba diving or flying or learning to ride a motorcycle. I'm going to find new people to do these things with...

I'm going to find myself.


Out there... in the great beyond of a city some rapper dude called T-Dot.

1 comment:

di said...

not many of us are "pretty enough", "smart emough", "cool enough", etc... "enough" is a comparison word and all relative. i (along w/ many others) think you are an incredible person w/ many talents and skills... so give yourself a hug and a smile for us.