Friday, October 8

day 10172: downtown observations log #46273284...

incident #46273284:

place... the northeast corner of Yonge and Queen

time... lunch

1. shabbily dressed woman walking towards me yelling "Diarrhea! Diarrhea!"
2. view is partially blocked by typical asian kid with spiky hair and bright yellow sneakers
3. I dodge left to avoid crazy woman as she passes typical asian kid
4. then she yells... "DIARRHEA!!! Can you hear me?" into a silver cell phone.

Not every shabbily dressed person yelling "Diarrhea" is crazy. Some of them just have deaf friends.


A tad hasty with the judgements. Typical asian kid was probably not even asian. Nice dodge there. Check that urge to run.


Good job soldier! For that, you deserve a Coke!

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