Tuesday, October 12

Day 10177: Hypotheticals…

Hypothetically, say someone was looking for a car-pool-buddy and was semi-desperate because she really wanted to car-pool regularly at least twice a week, and posted on a car-pool-buddy website. A couple days later, that someone’s ex-car-pool-buddy decided that he wanted to car-pool again and they agreed to car-pool on Thursday. At the same time, say a 24 year old Registered Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer responded to the post and wanted to car-pool, but had only car-pooled 6 times before, but can car-pool at the same level (seeing as how he’s gotta be a spectacularly fit PERSONAL TRAINER) but not with the same technique or finesse, but nevertheless, our special someone invited him out to car-pool with her and her now-not-so-ex-car-pool-buddy on Thursday to make a car-pool threesome.

What a night that would have been.

Old-car-pool-buddy, meet younger, probably much hotter, new-car-pool buddy.

The tales we could have told. The things we could have done.

Alas, and get your mind out of the gutter as this is not a m√©nage a trois, the 24 year old RMT and PT has decided not to join the car-pooling dynamic duo, seeing as how he’s posted his own car-pool post on the car-pool-buddy website.

Good luck buddy… regular car-poolers are not so easy to find…

But wouldn’t it have been funny.


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schmassion said...

Hypothetical update... now-not-so-ex-car-pool-buddy is now ex-now-not-so-ex-car-pool-buddy. Is it too late to mail back new-car-pool-buddy to see if he wants to car-pool again?