Friday, October 15

day 10179: i've seen bigger racks than those

Last night in typical we're-such-great-friends-we'll-do-almost-anything styles, ICBBQ, BMW, Terry, Suz and I went to H**ters to "celebrate" ICBBQ's b-day. We've walked by for years, but somehow never felt the urge to partake in the resplendid glory of H**ter's Almost-World-Famous-Wings (amongst other things) and probably would never have except for a promise made in haste without thinking... but nevertheless still kept.

And you know what? It wasn't that, that bad.

It wasn't good, mind you... the food was edible, the Sol was cold and crisp, the girls... um... yeah... nevermind the girls.

Anyway... it wasn't that, that bad. No real difference from any other bar, really. Except for the tighter tanks, the shorter-and-blindingly-bright orange shorts that were very non-flattering to any of its wearers, it really was just like any other sports bar that you go to for cold beer, wings and conversation with good friends while keeping an eye on the game.

I think it's the reputation really that made us never-want-to-step-foot-in-the-door... and the dread of having to admit that *whisper* J, went to H**ters. *gossip gossip gossip* Don't tell anyone... *sigh*

On the other hand, I guess, it's no different from admitting that I've been to a strip club... a fact that I quite proudly announced to Triscuit's mother once upon a drunken night oh so very long ago.


What is this world coming to.


Woe said...

You went to a strip club??!!!

schmassion said...

yes... not one of my prouder moments, but very revealing (literally and figuratively) :)