Thursday, October 14

day 10178: the unexpected

Last night as I waited for the light to change at the corner of Bay and Lakeshore a homeless man came up to me asking for spare change. I rummaged through the little container of change I keep in my car and pulled out a handful of coins - mostly pennies - and dropped it into the pro-offered coffee cup.

"Thank you most kindly" he said to me through my open window.

"You're welcome," I replied "Have a nice day." I smiled and nodded.

"Wait a moment. I have something for you" He ran off towards the side of the road, the echos of my "It's not necessary, don't worry about it" fading behind him.

He ran back to my car. Reached in, and put a little bobblehead dalmatian on my dash.

"That's for you." He grinned a toothless grin. "See, he bobs his head." Poked at the dog's head to demonstrate.

The light changed. I thanked him and drove off, my head and the dog's head bobbing to the beat of a warmer heart.

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Woe said...

That is a great story....Warm my heart too!