Monday, January 10

day 10266: it’s only coffee… not like he’s proposing or anything

It just happened out of the blue. An email, completely unexpected, from the middle of nowhere…

So in lieu of the football party would you be interested in going out for some coffee, or maybe even dinner, with me sometime this week?

I’m rather surprised. To say the least, I’m flattered. I’ve only met Serious Boy once before - the time I cleaned him out in poker, the time he got slightly “bemused” on red wine and got a tad handsy under the coffee table. A hand on my knee here, a touch there… I guess I had an inkling of sorts. But I was gracious, thought it was the alcohol talking and that he was just a friendly sort of guy.

That was almost a month ago and I hadn’t really given it a thought since then; until yesterday when I received the email.

I'm just curious enough to say yes… sometime Friday night, maybe, after work and before hockey? Let me know what your schedule is like.

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