Monday, January 17

day 10273: of all the weird and wonderful things… but name dropping at mickey-d’s??

”thank you on behalf of bo…”

I was in Mcdonald's just now. A woman approached the counter – obviously a little out of it since she budded the entire line and just went up to order. First she wanted water and then she wanted milk, but didn't have enough to pay for the milk. So, instead, she asked for water again and tried to pay for it with a handful of change saying "Thank you on behalf of Bo..."

Strange, I thought, so I asked her how she knew "Bo" and she started rambling off another series of names that made no sense to me whatsoever. I bought her a drink, she lost interest and wandered off.

Bo has no idea who she might be - just that it is a very, very strange coincidence... but kind of a scary one too…

”so why didn’t you and jb ever get together…”

Coffee turned into dinner.

Friday night, my “nerves of steel” failed me, and a frantic phone call was placed to Bo one hour prior to the designated meeting time. Desperation. Panic. The works. Extreme butterflies in my stomach.

“It’s only coffee, not a proposal…” JB’s words rang in my head; not even close to being comforting. Terrifying, more like it.

“Pretend it’s like a job interview…” someone said. We all know how well I do at those.

“Will I recognize him?” I asked, “I haven’t seen him in more than a month.” I had my doubts. I’m not good with names and faces. Everyone looks familiar to me. Response to George’s email was “You look familiar… do I know you from somewhere? DBoat maybe?”

Dinner with Serious Boy (an apt moniker, for sure… he really is the strong, silent type) was fun. Conversation flowed. The food was good. He even passed the sashimi test with flying colours, eating things that even I wouldn’t eat.

But he talked about his exes. Three of them. And then he asked me why JB and I never got together. I hemmed, I hawed, I was jaw-dropping-shocked at the question and stammered out the typical… “But it’s JB.”

We talked about movies and Sideways, and how we both heard that it was fabulous, and did I want to see it next week at Cumberland. “I’m completely swamped,” I said, “What with the fundraiser and all.”

“When do I get to see you again?”

“I don’t know…”

So I invited him over to watch football yesterday with JB, BMW, D & Plboy. The Colts lost, JB’s wings rocked, the nachos were soggy, my puppy-maternal-instincts are back, and all-in-all it was a good time. On the way out, he turned back and handed me a chocolate bar… something we had talked about on Friday, but I’d completely forgotten up until then. 60% cocoa… dark chocolate… mmmm…

I’m still not sure and I think I’m making excuses, but at least I loved the chocolate.

”because you love chocolate…”

Triscuit can be surprisingly sweet at times…completely unexpected and out of the blue. It reminds me of why I fell for him in the first place, and makes it hard for me to forget the gulf of distance that should remain between us. After all, how many guys do you know who would break up a Crunchie bar and hand you all the chocolaty pieces because he thinks you like the chocolate part the best even though you really like the sponge toffee.

My fault for always eating it outside in, chocolate first… saving the best part for last…

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