Tuesday, January 18

day 10274: i’ve got nothing on my mind…

It happened one Saturday afternoon. A phone call, then a not-so-innocent text message born out of tiredness, pent up frustration, and a lot of mischievousness, “If I was nothing, you could do me all day…”

“Doing nothing” took on a completely new meaning. It was something to look forward to, something to daydream about, something that would completely take our breaths away. It was our little secret - something that we could say in front of other people when they asked us what we did the evening before. Just like how married people call it “laundry.”

Except that sometimes doing nothing really means just doing nothing. Confusing isn’t it? Especially when you ask the boy what he’s doing tonight and he says “nothing…maybe laundry… oh, I meant real laundry…”

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