Monday, January 24

day 10280: I’m in love…

I fell in love today with the prettiest little thing - two of the prettiest little things, actually. I saw them, fell in love, and prayed to the gods above that they would fit. And they did.

The first is black with a halter that ties around the neck and cuts low in the back, with gold/silver beads, white trim and a hem that is cut diagonally… sleek, sexy, multi-occasion kind of thing… The second - turquoise with pink embroidered flowers, spaghetti straps, one line of ruffles on top, more ruffles on the diagonal bottom… cute, funky, something completely out of character for me… both are gorgeous and sexy and totally, utterly hot... even if I do say so myself. But then the lady in the store said the same thing, so it must be true.

I must get them. Even if they do cost almost a week’s salary.

Boys, you may all commence drooling – bidding will start at $50…

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