Wednesday, March 2

day 10317: brown paper baggin’ it

For much of my childhood, I hated carrying anything in plastic bags. Kids that carried their school papers in plastic bags annoyed me to no end. I thought them uncouth, and well, icky, and could never bring myself to socialize with them. Packed lunches could never be carried to school in a plastic bag; otherwise it was yucky and food could not be eaten without a vast amount of grimacing and nose-holding. The only exception to the rule was groceries. Groceries, as we all know, come in plastic bags, not dumb-ass-hard-to-carry paper bags like in the States.

Of course, there was the hierarchy of plastic bag carrying. Anything foreign was a direct no-no. Thus, Big Land Farms, Lee’s Poultry Supermarket, etc etc. were the ultimate faux pas in my mind and the mere thought of having to touch them would almost make me puke. No Frills, A&P, and Miracle Mart were barely acceptable, with Loblaws and Dominion being the preferred bag-o’-choice.

I was a baggie-snob; a memory I had suppressed over years of self-denial.

I’d forgotten until this morning. I reached into the baggie drawer and pulled out a T&T Supermarket… ew… can’t have that touching my boots… must find a new bag…

On tap for tonight… chicken stew:

Take onions, carrots and potatoes… boil the heck out of them in chicken broth, and then add some chicken breast marinated in soy sauce and sesame oil. Salt and pepper to taste. Comfort food totally rocks.

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teahouse said...

Wow, when I first read your post quickly just now, I thought you were saying there was a supermarket called Lowballs.