Tuesday, March 1

day 10316: why all this talk about babies?

A couple of weekends ago, Triscuit and I took my coworker’s two year old to the climbing gym. Cute and shy, she was no more interested in climbing than she was in running around and playing in the caves. Her “daddeee” tried, in vain, but a combination of lack of sleep and a little too much arm effort rendered his climbing experience very, very limited as well. Nevertheless, it was tons of fun – coworker, daddeee and I getting little Jaya to attempt to climb and Triscuit snapping pictures of them like a madman.

They got tired soon and said their goodbyes; dissection of the day and comments of Triscuit not to be relayed until I returned to the office almost a week later.

“Daddeee asked me if you were pregnant,” Coworker said. “I told him NO and he goes, THAT GIRL WAS GLOWING. If she’s not pregnant, then she’s in LOOOOVE with that boy…” No. I refuse to admit anything of that sort.

I told Triscuit the story. He laughed and agreed. “You WERE glowing.”


“No, white. You were covered in chalk as usual. It’s cute...”

Then, Sunday night, after a long, hard day of walking around aimlessly in the mall, we sprawled across his couch to dissect our purchases of Dr. Seuss books. He… The Cat in the Hat and me, well I’m a sucker for Green Eggs and Ham. Roommate walked in, raised an eyebrow and quipped…

“You two have something you want to tell me?”

"Yeah, enough about the baby talk. We're just trying to read things that appeal to our child-like intellect and undeveloped, undermatured sense of humour."

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