Friday, March 11

day 10326: you should be worried when you boss calls you into his office at 5:30 and asks you to shut the door

Let’s see… all the things that have happened in the past week that I wanted to blog about, but couldn’t because I’ve been locked up in the boardroom from Monday morning until 12:30 this afternoon…

~ monkeyco is really, really, really cool…
~ I love love it, love it, LOVE IT!!
~ I can’t climb for schmuck anymore
~ imported chocolate cupcakes (THE BEST IN THE WORLD, btw) totally rock…
~ Sista who sends imported chocolate cupcakes (and new clothes) totally rocks
~ Crazy-cousin-Bo who imported said cupcake and almost got cavity searched at the airport totally rocks
~ PDA totally rocks
~ I love my monkeyco… it’s going to be a totally “euphoric” summer… you just wait and see!
~ oh, and did I mention, they changed my contract so that NOW I’M FULL TIME!!!

Did I say I love my monkeyco, yet? Y'all should be totally jealous of me... ;)

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bullpen larry said...

$ching$ $ching$ !!