Monday, March 14

day 10329: the mystery of *gasp* the bachelor party

I don’t get it. Why the last hurrah? If a guy really wanted to go out, get smashed and see nearly-naked hoohas dangling in front of his face, he would have done it anyway, regardless of whether or not he is getting married.

Of course, nine-and-a-half out of ten guys are probably not planning their own bachelor party, so in actuality, it really is just an excuse for the planner to drag out ten to fifteen of his buddies who also want an excuse to get smashed and see nearly-naked hoohas and not get in trouble with their significant others.

I wish I could be cool about it. I wish I could be one of those non-prudes who tell their honeys to have fun, but just don’t bring home anything. But I can’t… I don’t love the idea – but then again, what girl would?

Nearly-naked-hoohas… yucky…

I don’t get it. At. All. Boo. Boys are icky.

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