Friday, March 18

day 10333: i am still alive!

There are a lot of things I refrain from talking about. Not so much because I don’t want to, because HELL YEAH sometimes I really, really DO want to share my deepest darkest secrets, but more so that some things (i.e. my favourite “chocolate-chip eating” position) really doesn’t need to be known by my nearest and dearest. I can share anonymously on someone else’s site, but the thought of a friend coming up to me with a knowing nod of his head and saying, “Hey, I know you like your coffee crisp!” (and then leer at me) disturbs me.

Ah, the joys of sharing one’s life in semi-full glorious detail and then having to edit it, because you think that if people knew about the full extent of your life, they’d probably disapprove. (Not like I’m talking leather or whips or chains or anything… though with all the what’s- it and going-ons over the past few weeks, leather, whips and chains have become almost regular every day vocabulary.)

I’m feeling the need to shake things up, and reach beyond my familiar comfort zone. I’ve tried almost every single hobby known to mankind, yet, I still feel like something is missing. Something exciting and unique... something that screams out “SCHMASSION, YOU’RE SO COOL!” Something that will give my inner drama queen the recognition and fame she deserves.

Tomorrow is play-day. We’ve spent months agonizing over a hundred pages of script, arguing over who’s-on-top and whether or not Victor should be dressed like a Catholic school girl. A hundred people have been suckered into driving out to god-forsaken suburbia (i.e. my old hood) and paying the exorbitant amount of $5 to watch the eight of us prance around in all our tom-foolery. And then it’ll be over. No more Tuesday night “rehearsals.” No more “practicing” on the weekends amidst choruses of “I don’t feel it today…”

I’m going to have time to spare, and tons of time to kill. I’ll need something new and soon, especially since Triscuit’s Friday night sailing lessons are going to start soon.

I think I’m going to start bartending. After all, that was today’s monkeyco cool thing of the day… I’m Smart Served now. I can serve drinkies for tips so that I can be tipsy. Oh yeah, baby...

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