Monday, March 21

day 10336: oh wow, oh wow, oh wow, oh wow, oh wowwww…

The rush of adrenaline was almost orgasmic. A hundred people clapping and cheering; the eight of us deliriously happy that the second “Feed Me” Theatre Company production went off without a hitch.

It was grand. It was awesome. It was magical.

It is over.

We’ve gone through everything from bloodshed to tears. We’ve learned things about ourselves we never thought possible. Friendships were forged, some made stronger. We’re still alive, though just barely. I know now that I can do anything.

And the best part of it all... (apart from being centre of attention like my inner drama queen demands)… the bouquet of pink roses that Triscuit gave me IN FRONT OF MY MOM!!

If that doesn’t scream WOW… I don’t know what does…

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