Saturday, March 26

day 10341: i always knew i was a honky-tonk kind-a gal

9:30 am…

Riding in the pickup truck on the way to the city dump, sitting in the middle seat, no less, country music blaring on the radio, singing along with a smile on my face, Triscuit’s hand on my thigh, happy as can be.

“Heehee,” I said, “I put on makeup and we’re going to the dump! How girlie-girl can I be?”

“You can never be too girlie-girl.” Double take. “You put makeup on to go to the dump? Bay-bee… you’re totally white trash.”

“Bay-bee… I’m neither white, nor am I trash. Turn up that ray-dee-oh. I wanna hear me some Travis.”

7:30 pm…

Terry and Triscuit are up to their elbows in cornmeal mash

“Oh, we had a great day. We went to the dump, dug up the fence, drove around town in the pickup...”

“Listening to country music!” I chime in. Chop. Chop. More tomatoes for yesterday’s leftover bouillabaisse…

“Yeah, it was fun. J was sitting right up next to me on the bench seat. I always wanted to drive around in a pickup with my girl next to me.” Triscuit looks over and gives me a wink.

“Aw shucks… how cute. You guys are sooo white trash. Did she give you a blowjob too?”

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