Tuesday, April 12

day 10358: IM

So I overreacted. I read the IMs and thought Triscuit wanted to have “the talk.”

[Insert panicky dread hand-wringing here.]

Everyone else thought I was overreacting except for me who really was overreacting but refused to admit it. I hate confrontation with a passion and go to the extremes to avoid it at all possible costs.

I prepped myself for the ultimate worse… and instead, came out of it relatively unscathed with a new pair of earrings (that I love) and a boy who will now call himself my “boyfriend.”


Not that I would call him “my boyfriend.” It’s just one of those phrases that feel weird coming off your tongue.

“My boyfriend…”

Hmmm… maybe I could get used to it.

"My boyfried..."

Hmmm... probably not... but does this mean I can tell my grandmother now?

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