Wednesday, April 13

day 10359: heard & said…

“Because I am just THAT COOL, they should write a BOOK about me. Better yet, they should make a MOVIE. But then I’d be the ONLY person to watch the movie which would really suck because I’ve already lived it and so there will be no suspense and no surprise ending… what kind of sucky-ass movie is that? Ok, I’ll shut up now, and no, I’m not drunk.” Hic.


“Is cookie code for booze?”


“We’ll be Mr. and Mrs. Sleepyhead. They’ll make a game out of us. It’ll bore everyone to death and lull them all into sleepiness… shhh… don’t wake the Sleepyheads… they’re sleepy…”


“It’s hard to find the perfect shoes. If only I could buy these boots in shoes and maybe half and inch shorter and maybe in a different colour with a little more flashy-flash, I’d be perfectly happy… Oy… FCUK me… when did I become such a girl?”

“Sometime last year…”

“You should have shot me…”

“Yeah, probably.”

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