Monday, April 18

day 10364: let’s talk all in-tell-ec-tu-al-like… a’ight?

Contrary to popular belief, my life is not all shits-and-giggles, drinkie-poos-and- partying, and bouts of endless weekends spent sunning myself on the beach. I have been known to wax eloquently on a multitude of intellectual topics. I play a mean game of chess, a downright dirty game of Scrabble, and remain unbeatable in all shapes and forms of Connect-4. I can identify Robert Frost’s poetry as it is being quoted to me and can defend the upbringing of the typical CBC, even as I slump outside Ivory’s in a drunken absinthe-induced haze.

Just because I can drink men under the table does not mean I am a complete moronic flake.

But rereading recent past entries, that’s what it seems, doesn’t it. So, message me with a topic we’ll discuss.

I’m ready.

Round one.


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