Tuesday, April 19

day 10365: …wisps of white

Let’s get this part over with. I’m not Catholic. Baptised, yes. Catholic by choice, no.

That said, I, like the rest of the world, am on tenterhooks, waiting breathlessly to see who the new Pope-elect will be. Every plume of black smoke, every day the bells don’t ring heighten the anticipation.

Who will it be? Will it be a great statesman like the last, or someone ultra-conservative and closed to change within the Church?

I hope for a man who does not want to be Pope, a gentle man, a leader who has proven himself time and time again, but for the sake of the people he will lead and influence, he is a man open to the consideration of change, a statesman like Jean Paul II. I hope for a man who will work to improve life beyond the Church; someone quiet and unassuming who listens and does not rely on his popularity and dynamics to win him the Cardinal votes.

After all, the Papacy is the most powerful position in the world. With it brings great responsibility. Organized religion has done much for the world in the past, but it has also brought in a lot of wrongdoing and harm as well.

As I write, the wisps of white bellowed from the Vatican chimney. The bells have rung. The feeling of change is in the air.

Who will it be?

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